How to Clean a Balcony Without a Water Hose

Having a balcony can be great for spending time outside on a nice day. But if it snows or your balcony gets dirty, it’s up to you to clean it. However, if you live in an apartment or your hose is on the other side of your house, you will need to find another cleaning method.

A hose isn’t necessary to clean a balcony properly. To clean a balcony without a hose, it’s important to have a bucket to hold water. Then, the bucket can act as an alternative to the hose. When it comes time to clean a balcony, water can work, but so can cleaning products and other tools.

If you need to clean your balcony but can’t use a hose, you’re not out of luck. As long as you have the right tools and materials, you can do the job. Keep reading to learn how to clean a balcony without a hose.

Clean the Furniture

The first thing you should do when cleaning your balcony without a hose is to clean and remove your furniture. You can clean the furniture while it’s on the balcony, or you can move it inside. The right choice for you can depend on the size of your balcony and the materials of your furniture.

Use a cleaning solution that’s safe for your furniture. For example, you may not want to use a harsh cleaner on fabric cushions. You may also not need to clean the furniture in much detail, so you may be fine by rinsing it with some water from a bucket.

Make sure you clean and remove any piece of furniture from your balcony. Getting everything off will make it easier to clean the balcony’s surfaces. You won’t have to worry about working around a table or chairs.

Dust the Sides and Floor

Next, you should dust the sides and floor of your balcony. You can use a broom to get the floor, and you can collect the dust and debris with a dustpan. Make sure you get all of the corners and sides of your balcony.

Sometimes, you may find that your balcony is clean after you dust it. Then, you can save yourself from having to use any water on it. Dusting can also help you get any larger particles and dirt.

Once you have to use water, you won’t have to use as much, and you can save it for the smaller stuff. Also, you’ll need to dust off your balcony if you recently had any snow. Especially if it’s still cold out, adding water to the snow may just cause it to refreeze, so grab a shovel and get the snow off your balcony.

Work Top to Bottom

As you clean your balcony, you may also want to clean the outside of your balcony doors. You can also clean the exterior of your building. But even if you just clean the balcony surfaces, you should work top to bottom.

If you don’t clean any windows or doors, start with the top bar on your balcony. Work your way down the sides of your balcony until you reach the floor. This way, any dust that comes off the sides should land on the bottom.

If you go the other way, you may have to reclean the floor of your balcony. By starting at a higher point, you can ensure the dust falls on an area that you still need to clean. You should follow this process when dusting or using water and cleanser.

Use a Multi-Surface Cleaner

After you dust your balcony, you can use a multi-purpose or multi-surface cleaner. You can find a spray bottle, and there are tons of cleaners out there. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner is a natural, cruelty-free option you can use on your balcony and inside your home.

Before you use a spray cleaner, make sure that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your balcony. The cleaner should work on wood and metal. And if you want to clean your windows, you can use a window cleaner that won’t ruin the surface.

A great option for your windows is Windex Outdoor Window, Glass & Patio Cleaner. You can use it on your windows to make them sparkle and shine like new.

Grab a Bucket

Next, you’ll need a bucket to put your water in. Since you don’t have a hose, you’ll need to use the sink or your bathtub for your water. If your bucket is small, you can use your kitchen sink to fill it up.

But if you have a larger bucket, which can cut down on how much you have to fill it, you can use your bathtub. You can put the bucket under the faucet then let it fill with water. It doesn’t have to be a certain size, but know that you may need to make more trips to your faucet with a smaller bucket.

Once you fill your bucket, you will need to mix in some liquid cleaner or some soap. Again, you don’t need anything fancy. A simple soap or detergent should do just fine for most balconies.

Use a Sponge or Mop

As you take your bucket of water and soap to your balcony, grab a sponge or mop. You will need one or the other to clean the balcony surfaces. A sponge will be easier to use on the sides and railings of your balcony.

When you go to clean the balcony floor, a mop will be easier, but you can also use a sponge for that. Make sure you get a good amount of water and soap on your sponge or mop or the balcony itself. Then, you can get it as clean as possible

Dry the Balcony

After you finish cleaning, you can follow up the soap with a round of clean water to rinse it off. Then, you can let the balcony dry before you put stuff back out on it.

You can let the balcony air dry, or you can clean your mop and use that to soak up excess water. If you don’t have a mop, you can also use extra towels. Once the balcony is dry, you can start to put everything back.

Double Check the Furniture

After you finish with the balcony, revisit your outdoor furniture. Make sure it’s still clean and dry, and that dust hasn’t settled. If there are some dusty spots, you can clean them off now. Use the same tools as you did for your balcony.

You should also make sure the bottoms of your table and chair legs are dry and clean. They’ll be touching the balcony, so you want to ensure they won’t dirty the floor.

If you need to replace your balcony furniture, you should clean the new set before you put it out. Then, you can make sure your balcony is as clean as possible.

Clean Your Plants

If you have plants that you keep on your balcony, you should ensure those won’t make a mess. While your plants do need to drain excess water, you need pots that will catch the drainage without letting it escape.

You can put a saucer under each pot to catch the drainage, or you can use an absorbent cloth. Either way, make sure you check on the pot when you water your plant. Then, you can make sure it doesn’t damage your balcony or furniture.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning a balcony without a hose may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you have a good bucket and some soap, you can clean your balcony, no hose required. Keep these tips in mind the next time you clean your balcony.

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